Create a Focal Point in Any Room

When you walk into a room or interior space, you’ll feel more comfortable if your eye can rest on a main feature. That main feature is called the “focal point” of the room. If your room has a beautiful picture window looking out to a lovely garden, that’s it. If you have a fireplace, large or small, that will be the focal point in that room.

Sometimes a room has no distinguishing feature built in and you have to create one. Some ideas of focal points that you can add to a room are here:

  • An armoire or other tall, large cabinet
  • A beautiful oriental or patterned rug
  • A table with a collection of interesting pieces on it
  • A dramatic mirror or fabric panel
  • A collection hung on the wall, such as musical instruments, family photos, umbrellas, or decorative hats
  • A large open storage shelf with collectibles interspersed with books and plants
  • The point of creating a focal point is to select something to draw the eye and invite the visitor to linger and enjoy.

Use the Same Trim and Ceiling Color Throughout Your Home

It makes sense that you’d want different colored walls in different rooms. But it’s also true that rooms in a home should flow, one into another. For a subtle movement from room to room, use the same color white paint for all the ceilings and the trim throughout. The colored walls will give character to each space but the consistent white will let the rooms relate.


Remove family photos and personal items to help prospective buyers visualize the space as their own. You can still have decorative items that give your home style and charm, but you should remove personal touches that suggest the home belongs to you and not the potential buyer. Keep clothes stored away and out of sight, and clear bathroom counters, showers, and tubs of personal items, like toothbrushes, shampoo, and cosmetics. Remove anything overtly religious and take all items off your fridge. You’ve made the decision to move, so just think of de-personalizing as the first step in packing and preparing to move to your new home. It may feel a little odd living in your house after you’ve packed away a lot of your belongings but it helps buyers to connect with the property and imagine living there.